We appreciate your potential.


Stalled projects and bad deals can sabotage even the savviest business owner’s commercial real estate transaction. When that happens, the value of your holdings depreciates and your investment portfolio suffers.

At Bowen Commercial Group, we make buying, selling, developing, leasing and investing in commercial real estate simpler and more lucrative for buyers and sellers in the Tri-State area and beyond. Our knowledge of regional markets, demographics, and trends empowers you to boost your returns, and our marketing expertise and national connections extend your reach beyond your local playing field. Through sophisticated market analysis, site selection, and negotiation tactics, we amplify your property’s appreciation potential.


Whether you’re a Gigabit City tech startup looking for a modern floor plan or a law firm in the market for something more traditional, Bowen Commercial Group can connect you with a property owner who has exactly what you need to keep your operations efficient and affordable.


From unique boutique shops to nationally franchised outlets, Hagerstown offers a wealth of retail options for visitors and locals. Our agents pair up-and-coming entrepreneurs with the ideal location to lure in eager shoppers and boost brand awareness.


Though Tri-State cities like Hagerstown have expanded beyond their early industrial roots, they still offer a burgeoning center for manufacturing and distribution as well as industrial research and development. Bowen Commercial Group provide industrial clients access to the best sites for manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and flex/tech spaces.


Investors seeking land to lease or buy for large real estate developments, single pad sites, and smaller land projects depend on Bowen Commercial Group’s unmatched knowledge of the local market and meticulous site selection and analysis to ensure a robust return on their investment.


As Baby Boomers begin to retire and Millennials opt out of the housing market, multifamily real estate continues to be a lucrative area of investment. Whether it’s a side by side duplex or a large apartment complex, the brokers at Bowen Commercial Group offer unparalleled market research and data-backed insights that give our clients an edge in this profitable field.

Property Management

Whether it’s a single family home or a multiunit apartment building; a small office building to a large retail power center, being a landlord can be a full time job. From maintenance calls to rent collection to evictions to build outs, running a profitable property business requires diligence and tenacity. Learn more about how our property management division can make property investment less tedious and more lucrative.

Competitive Representation for Property Owners, Developers, and Lessors

The region’s largest real estate investors rely on the brokers at Bowen Commercial Group to keep their Maryland, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania properties occupied and profitable. Why? Because at Bowen Commercial Group, we see the potential for growth and progress in our Tri-State communities, and we help our clients tap into that potential.

When we connect the right property owner with the right tenant, we’ve done more than close a deal: we’ve opened doors to new opportunities in the Tri-State area. It’s this growth-oriented approach to commercial real estate transactions that gives our clients and our community confidence in Bowen Commercial Group.

Save time
Bowen Commercial Group brokers close commercial property transactions expediently with unparalleled real estate expertise, marketing skills, and negotiation strategies.
Gain insight
We advance our clients’ business goals with up-to-the-minute data on property listings, demographics, and market trends in and around the Tri-State area.
Maximize returns
Through careful research and analysis, exclusive listing access, and a broad range of contacts, we position our clients to get the most from their investments.